Makeup Ideas For Senior Pictures

One of the most common questions asked by high school seniors is “what should I do for makeup?” This is a really important question to ask because even if you do not like wearing makeup, your make up (or lack of it) will make a huge difference in the overall outcome of your photos. The right makeup will smooth out your face, conceal pimples, cover the problem spots, contour your cheekbones, and highlight them… it provides that awesome, professional fashion edge that you are looking for.

Here are the top tips you absolutely must follow when doing make up for your senior pictures:


1. Hair

Your best bet should be a sleek-up; after all, your friends and family totally want to see your beautiful face, right. However, if you are a girl who isn’t into up-dos, consider doing a simple blowout the day before you take your senior portrait. Ideally, your hair should look sleek and simple, as opposed to greasy and overdone. If you have short hair, then it is a good idea to avoid the gel or mousse you use everyday – the product tends to catch the light and thus give your head a “dirty” look.

2. Lips

The ideal lip liner should be neutral enough to match the color of your lips. It defines your lips and provides a good base for the lipstick. Lip gloss may end up looking shiny in the photos, thus drawing focus from your eyes so avoid it if you can.

paper3. Eyes

This is the most important secret you need to learn if you are to maximize your make up for your senior pic: Do not put anything below your eyes a part from a slight touch of mascara even if you look great with a little lower eyeliner in real life, the liner will totally make you look goth in a senior portrait. You should instead focus on your top lid. Apply a neutral color on your lids and add a whisper of dark powder along the eyelashes. To create some contrast, consider adding a little shimmer on your brows.

4. Foundation

Just as a foundation is the key to constructing a house, it is also the most important element when building a great face. Most clear-skinned girls prefer using foundations with a shinny or translucent finish. However, in a photo, this tends to give the appearance of an oily face. Instead go with a matte finish liquid foundation and seal it with a loose powder. Stay away from mineral makeup – while these powdered gems are great for everyday, they simply won’t work in your senior photo.