The Great Tips to Lipstick Application

The process of applying lipstick is much more complex than you think. It is not easy to buy the lipstick in color you prefer and spread it on the lips. In fact, there is a science behind the correct applications.

Follow the instructions on this blog to get the best results.

Buying a Lipstick

Buying a lipstick is the first thing to do. The best type comes with vitamin E, collagen, sunscreen and amino acids. These ingredients moisturize the lips, keeping them healthy and protecting them from the sun.

The decision on the correct color is the next step. Are you trying to make a bold statement or select something that goes with the rest of your cosmetics? Whatever you choose, make sure that the lipstick has the above ingredients for healthy lips. And do not forget to pick up a lip brush, as it gives you more control over the application process.


Certainly to Get a Lipstick

Also, be sure to get a lipstick. The lip contour pencil should be a shade darker than the desired color of the lipstick. But if you want to make a statement, go to one extreme and use two different colors. I will say that no matter what kind of statement you want to make, you should probably understand how the colors look, or the only statement you will make is, “I do not know what looks good together!” If that was the case, you probably would not wear any lipstick.

When to Begin the Application Process

Once you have accumulated the lipstick and liner you want and decide whether to make a bold statement or take a more subtle path, you can begin the application process. Unless, of course, you have not used the rest of your makeup yet. If you have not done it yet, do it now.

Removing the Loose and Dead Skin from the Lips

With the rest of your makeup, you can now apply lipstick. But first, be sure to remove the loose and dead skin from the lips to avoid a torn and uneven final appearance. You can apply a little lip balm or Vaseline to the lips to increase the moisture.

nice lips

Smooth Lips

Once your lips are smoot, open them slightly and make sure that your facial muscles are relaxed. Contour your lips with the liner pencil. It is a good idea to heat the pencil by holding it in the palm of your hand before trying to use it.

Do you think you’re finished? Not so fast! Then, rub your lips with a piece of toilet paper. This will remove excess paint and make sure that the lipstick looks even. Caution! You do not want to press too much. This removes too much paint or causes unpleasant spots. Once the lipstick is applied evenly, apply the powder to the lips and add another lipstick. That is all! Fact.