General Information about the Rattan Bags

The rattan bags started becoming popular in 2017 when various fashion bloggers took them up and started marketing them. You could come across different blogs, and Instagram accounts with various rattan bags for sale. Most of the rattan bags are 24 centimeters in diameter and retail at about $75. The video below outlines some of the things that can be contained in the rattan bags.


round rattal ballThe rattan bags are believed to have originated from Indonesia and Bali. Since they become popular in Asia, most people traveled from the Philippines to Bali and Indonesia to purchase these bags in bulk and sell them in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

Since it became of the most profitable ventures, the online entrepreneurs also entered the market that made it to retail for less than $50.The stiff completion is attributed to the price drop. Let us look at some of the shopping tips when you are purchasing the round rattan bag.


If you are buying the rattan bags from Bali or Indonesia, then it is important to note that the prices range depending on the location. These bags are costly in the cities because the cities contain individuals who are salaried and therefore, can afford these bags.

If you, however, need to buy these bags at the best price, then go to the villages. For example, if you are in Bali, you can purchase these bags at Ubud instead of Seminyak and Kuta.


The prices of the rattan bags also vary in different towns and cities. If you happen to be in Indonesia or Bali, get a tour guide to show you some of the areas where you will purchase these bags at a lower price.

As a tourist, avoid the tourist’s spots since these bags are costly in such areas. Even when you are buying from a stall, avoid the stalls that are at the entrance because they have higher prices than the stalls that are further inside.


shoulder bagsIf you need to purchase the rattan bags at the most competitive prices, then you will need to be a good bargainer. Do not just take the price tags that are stuck on the rattan bags when you go to the shopping center.

Engage the traders especially in the market, and you will get the best deal as far as the rattan bags are concerned. You could also take advantage of various times and seasons where the bags are being sold at discounted rates to purchase the rattan bags. If you want to get the best deal, then buy the rattan bags in bulk.